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Kottakkal Gynakot Tablets

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Kottakkal Gynakot Tablets

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Gynakot Tablet is a unique herbal combination that promotes effective female reproductive system for fertility. The formulation has its basis of Sukumara Ghritam described in Ashtangahridayam. It supports overall systemic health and functioning, in female reproductive system. The combination of the herbs regulates female hormones and prepares the uterus ideal for reproduction. The synergistic activity of the combination enhances fertility. 

2 Tablets thrice daily or directed by an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Ingredients: Hog Weed, Bel Fruit, Kashmir Tree, Trumpet Flower Tree,  Indian Trumpet Flower, Buas Buas,  Salaparni, Sal Leaved Desmodium, Indian Nightshade, Yellow Vine, Holostema Asakodiyan, Winter Cherry, Castor Bean Plant, Wild Asparagus, Halfa Grass, Hardy Sugar Cane, Kash, Sugar Cane, Long Pepper, Wild Long Pepper, Ginger, Common Grape Vine, Cumin, Licorice