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Baidyanath Prostaid Tablet

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Baidyanath Prostaid Tablet

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Baidyanath Prostaid Tablets contain Shilajit, Karanju,Shatavari,Varun Chhal, Chandan, Kutaki, and Kumari. 

Shilajit assists in reducing inflammation and pain.
Shatavari or asparagus root is a soothing remedy for inflammation caused due to enlarged prostate. 
This also heals the urinary system by clearing out blockages. 

Baidyanath Prostaid Tablets, for enlarged prostate, help to treat the body by reducing inflammation around this organ.
 It also restores the natural functionality of the prostate by clearing out blockages. 

Direction for use:
Two tablets are to be used every morning and again in the evening. This should be used for up to three months at a time. 

Use under medical supervision.