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AVP Balaguluchyadi Kashayam

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AVP Balaguluchyadi Kashayam

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Balaguluchyadi  kashayam is a herbal decoction preparation.. also available in tablet form.

Its usage:

  1. In the treatment of gout.
  2. Burning sensation and fever with blisters.

Effect on Tridosha � Calms Vata and Pitta.


1-2tab or as directed by the physician.

5 � 10 ml, before food, or on empty stomach, once or twice a day or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.along with jaggery or honey.

Balaguluchyadi kashayam  Ingredients:

It is prepared from the following herbal powder mixture �

Bala � Sida rotusa

Guluchi � Giloya � Tinospora cordifolia

Devadaru � Cedrus deodara

Reference: Sahasrayoga