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Kottakkal Karutha Gulika

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Kottakkal Karutha Gulika

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Karutha Gulika is a herbal tablet formulation. Used only externally for application in headaches.

Its usage:

  1. It used in treating headache.
  2. It is also effective in common cold and other pediatric conditions.

It is used for external application only.

  • The tablet is rubbed breast milk, cow milk, buttermilk or castor oil and is rubbed over forehead.

Effect on Tridosha � Balances Pitta.

Karutha Gulika Ingredients:

Turushk � Boswellia serrata

Nayaka � Aloe vera

Kankushta � Mallotus philippinensis

Vedhi � Ferula foetida

Juice of Aloe vera

Reference: Sahasrayogam.