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Dabur Trifgol Granules

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Dabur Trifgol Granules

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Trifgol is an Isabgol based natural fiber laxative, which also contains the goodness of Triphala (Amlaki, Hareetaki and Vibheetaki). Besides a laxative action Trifgol has other multiple health benefits as well. 

Indications of Trifgol:
» Constipation
» Fecal incontinence
» Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
» Diverticular diseases
» Hemorrhoids / Piles
» Impaired liver functions
» Ulcerative colitis & Duodenal Ulcer
» Hyperlipidemia
» Non-insulin Dependent Diabetes with or without hypercholestrolemia

Contra Indications of Trifgol:
» Intestinal obstruction.
» Faecal impaction.
» Undiagnosed change in bowel habits.
» Undiagnosed abdominal pain.
» Acute Abdomen.

Properties of Trifgol:
» Intestinal transit time and increased stool weight.
» Hypocholesterolaemic effects
» Useful in Ulcerative colitis
Hareetaki (Terminalia chebula) :
» Shortens Gastric emptying and have prokinetic effect on intestinal motility.
» Increases Cardiac output and force of contraction without increasing heart rate
» Cytoprotective activity inhibits the development of duodenal ulcer

Vibheetaki (Terminalia bellerica) :
» Antibacterial activity against E coli
» Hepatoprotective activity
» Prevents fatty liver
» Stimulates bile secretion
» Amlaki (Phyllanthus Emblica):
» Antioxidant activity
» Lipid lowering and Anti- Atherosclerotic activity
» Hepatoprotective activity

Composition of Trifgol (Each 100g Contains) : 
» Isabgol powder:    68.00%
» Triphala powder:    19.60%
» Excipients and flavours to    100%

» Bulk forming laxative
» Hypo Glycaemic

Directions for Use of Trifgol :
One teaspoonful at bedtime by brisk mixing with water.