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Ayurwin Nutrislim Powder

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Ayurwin Nutrislim Powder

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Nutri Slim Powder
27 Essential Nutrients
0% Cholesterol. Nutritional Herbal Food Supplement

Nutrislim Powder are completely Nutritional-Herbal. As a delicious chocolate drink - It promises 0% Cholesterol. Nutri Slim Powder is consist of an incredible 27 essential nutrients in each serving. It reduces your weight and more importantly brings the body to proper shape. The product is a unique combination of clinically tested Nutritional and herbs.

Benefits of Ayurwin Nutri Slim Powder :
� Great chocolate drink to become slim
� All essential nutrients in 1 serving
� 0% Cholesterol
� Loose upto 10 Kg in 2 months depending upon type of your body.
� Reduce cholestrol with natural Oat fibre

For Healthy Weight Loss :
Replace two meals daily with 4 scoops of Nutrislim per meal and have just one balanced, nutritious meal. However you may eat fresh fruits and veg salads during the day.

Directions for Preparation of Nutri Slim :
Take 4 scoops (40g) in a cup, and about 100ml hot milk in it and stir till it becomes smooth paste, add remaining about 150ml hot milk, mix and enjoy the healthy, delicious chocolate drink!

To Maintain Your Weight :
Replace your night meal with Nutrislim (40g)

Facts About Weight Loss :
Rapid weight loss may cause health problems, always set a realistic goal of weight loss. If you are pregnant, breast feeding or on medication, do not go for any weight loss programmes.

How Nutrislim Works ?
Generally an avarge of 2000 calories* required daily for moderate adult body with moderate activity. In most of cases, we eat more food than required. Excess calorie diet more than 2000 calories will covert into fat and will be stored in the body.

If we replace our one normal meal (night meal) with Nutri Slim, it will reduce intake of excess calories without affecting our energy levels. Thus avoid deposition of extra fat in the body, and also deposited fat in the body will be burned and weight will come down to normal weight.

Note :
*Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
* Conditions apply. Results may vary from person to person.

Nutritional Facts Per Serving (Serving size 4 scoops i.e. 40g)

(Per 40gm Approximate )
  % Daily Value
per serving
(Per 40gm Approximate )
  % Daily Value
per serving
Total Calories 136 - Niacinamide 6.6mg 36%
Calories from fat 0 - Calcium d-Pantothenate 2.2mg 36%
Total Fat 0 - Vitamin E 3.85mg 39%
Saturated fat 0 - Vitamin D 2.75mg 55%
Cholesterol 0 - Folic Acid 38.5mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 29 7% Calcium 300mg 30%
Dietary Fibre 5 20% Magnesium 94.6mg 28%
Protein 5 8% Copper 0.22mg 11%
Vitamin A 660IU 36% Iron 5.5mg 36%
Vitamin C 22mg 36% Zinc 2.75mg 36%
Vitamin B1 0.55mg 36% Maganese 1.65mg 33%
Vitamin B2 0.55mg 36% Potassium 140mg 4.4%
Vitamin B6 0.66mg 36% Phosphorous 66mg 11%
Vitamin B12 2.2mg 36% Sodium 148.5mcg 6.6%
Chromium 44 mcg 36% Iodine 16.5mcg 11%
Selenium 13 mcg 37% Molybdenum 27 mcg 36%

How to use Nutri Slim Powder :

Take 2 tsp of Nutri Slim Powder in a cup of hot water at least 1/2 to 1 hour before breakfast. After breakfast take 1 Nutrislim Capsule. Consume 1 fruit (eg. Mosambi or Orange or a piece of Apple) and a bowl of vegetable salad for breakfast. Avoid in between snacks or meals (between breakfast and lunch). If required you feel hungry, eat a fruit or drink fruit juice without sugar.

Let your Lunch comprise fresh raw vegetables, to fill 70% of your stomach. It reduces false hunger and sugar cravings, and augments the result to help you lose weight and extra body fat. Avoid junk foods, Deep fried snacks, sugary and bakery snacks or other eatable items after lunch. If you feel hungry, eat a fruit juice without sugar.

Night :
During Night Time, our body activities are less. As our body will be under rest it will be difficult to digest heavy food at Night, Hence try to avoid dinner; and instead have 2 spoons of healthy, delicious Chocolate flavoured Nutri Slim Powder in a glass of water. After 5 minutes, take one Nutri Slim Capsule. In case, unable to avoid the food, consumption of about 25% of the stomach fill is advised. The food should be similar to the diet taken during breakfast consisting of light food or fresh vegatable salad or a fruit.

Tips for the best results :
Do's :
Give at least 1/2 to 1 hour gap for sleep after dinner
Add a lot of raw vegetables and legume sprouts as salads in diet
Take whole fruit or fruit juices without sugar instead of snacks
Take high fiber low carbo-hydrates foods such as brown rice, whole wheat, barley, jowar, ragi etc.
Brisk walk in the morning and relaxed walk (after dinner) in the night
Drink sufficient quantity of water required by the body
Nutri Slim Powder can also be taken in a cup of tea or coffee.

Don't s ;
Do not sleep in the afternoon
Do not consume curds, banana (large), oily food regularly
Avoid Starchy food, potatoes, White bread, carbonated drinks and candy
Avoid Alcohol, drinking and smoking
Avoid Very Spicy food and non-vegetarian diet

For best results it is recommended to take Nutri Slim Powder and Nutri Slim Capsules together for 3 months.