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Amrita Amla Churna

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Amrita Amla Churna

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Common Name      Botanical Name/ English Name           Qty
Amalaki                    Emblica officinalis Gaertn.                     1 part
Indications / Actions
Haemorrhagic Diseases, Fever, Liver diseases, Healing of wounds, Vomitings, Hiccough, Throat diseases, Heart diseases, Jaundice, Diseases of spleen, Caliculi, Difficulty in Micturition, Diabetis, Rejuvinator, Hyper acidity, Loss of appetite, Good for eye sight, Respiratory diseases, Cough, Piles, Skin diseases, Oedema, Intestinal disorders, Worm infestation
Dosage form: Powder
Dose: Powder - 5 to 10 g two or three times a day
With (Anupana): Warm water
Available in: 100 g Bottled Pack