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Vasu Ural Bph Capsules

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Vasu Ural Bph Capsules

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Dosage :
In Mild to Moderate BPH with confirmed enlarged prostate : 
Effectto 1 BID for 8 - 12 weeks + URAL-BPH 1 BID for 8-12 weeks.
Herbal Approach of BPH
Effectto Capsule Value Added:

  • Reduces disease progression and Acute Urinary Retention
  • Reduces size and symptoms of prostate

URAL-BPH Capsule for better Prostate Health:

  • Controls LUTS
  • Improves quality of life

Combination of both Effectto & URAL-BPH Capsule:
Ensures complete suppression of DHT.
Significant and early improvement of urinary flow rate and symptom score with added advantage of No Sexual Dissatisfaction.