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Ayulabs Psora Capsules

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Psora Capsule
Treats Eczema, Scrofula, Psoriasis, Ringworm and Dermatitis
The 'Result Oriented' Combination

Benefits of using Psora Capsule :
� Facilitates Tissue Repair and Regeneration.
� Ideal Non-Steroidal Anti-allergic, Anti-fungal, Anti-Protozoal, Anti-Bacterial.
� Reduces Erythema, Plaque Formation and Scaling.
� Relieves Pruritus and itching; Significantly Reduces inflammed lesions.

Psora capsule is specially prepared �skin care� capsule formulated after extensive clinical trials. Psora capsule responds very well where even corticosteroid therapy failed to respond. It has four important actions viz.. i) antiallergic, ii) antibacterial, iii) antifungal and iv) blood purifier.

Psora capsule can be prescribed to those, where corticosteroid therapy is contra-indicated. Psora capsule is the safest therapy without side effects. Psora capsule contains five important drugs each one being used successfully for various skin disorders for centuries. In stubborn skin diseases Psora capsule is the internal treatment of choice for external disorders

Indications for uses of Psora Capsule :
Dry and wet eczema, psoriasis bacterial and fungal infections, dermatitis of various origin and leprosy.

Composition :
Each 300mg Psora Capsule Contains :
� Panchtikta Ghrut Guggulu : 100 mg.
� Neem Oil : 100 mg.
� Chalmogra Oil (Hydnocarpus � laurifolia) : 60 mg.
� Narayan Oil : 20 mg.
� Bavchi Oil (Psoralia � corylifolia) : 20 mg.

Dosage of Psora Capsule :
Adult :  Two to Three capsules a day after meals or as directed by the physician.
Children : Half the adult dosage.