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Kottakkal Aswagandharishtam

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Kottakkal Aswagandharishtam

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Indications :
Aswagandharishtam is useful for neurological and mental disorders, psychosis, epilepsy, insomnia, fainting and loss of memory. 
Aswagandha was widely known for its ability to rejuvenate strength and vitality. 
This unique formula, Aswagandharishtam rejuvenates the entire nervous system by nurturing and soothing most effectively.
It is also excellent for nerve-related emaciation and debility. 

Usage :
15 to 25 ml or as direct by physician. 

Composition :
Each 10ml Prepared out of: Aswagandha 0.617g Musali 0.247g Manjishta 0.123g Haritaki 0.123g Rajanyau (each) 0.123g Madhuka 0.123g Rasna 0.123g Vidari 0.123g Partha 0.123g Mustaka 0.123g Trivrit 0.123g Ananta 0.099g Syama 0.099g Chandanadwitaya (each) 0.099g Vacha 0.099g Chitraka 0.099g Dhataki 0.198g Vyosha (each) 0.008g Trijataka (each) 0.016g Priyangu 0.049g Nagakesara 0.025g Makshika 3.702g